The leading European diamond tools manufacturer together with the German diamond holding company "Diamantwerk" extends its partnership and investments. 

According to the new strategy of promotion in the Eastern Europe "Diamantwerk" has launched a serial diamond tools production in Ukraine under the trade mark "ADTnS" that corresponds to the highest world quality standards.

In March, 2010, it was announced about the beginning of production of the professional diamond tools and it was introduced a business plan about the organization of service and technical support during realization of special projects in Ukraine, - such as airports, roads, and concrete building construction.

The products of "Diamantwerk Ukraine" new plant have been tested in different European building sites before entering the sales program. 

Diamond segments and diamond tools are produced on the up-to-date program controlled equipment.

"ADTnS" provides an all-embracing service and guarantees a long-term professional support of a customer. The high level of technology maintain to our clients their competitive advantages.

"ADTnS" is an Advanced Diamonds Technologies and Service.


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