Self-propelled floor saws, as well as hand-held floor saws are designed for performing of any non-radius cuts in concrete and asphalt surfaces. The main features of self-propelled floor saws are their high power (over 25 kW), their ability to work with cutting discs of large diameters, and as a result, - their high productivity of work performed.

These are cutting discs for floor saws of ADTnS trade mark that will let you get the maximal effect of your equipment during the performance of large volumes of work.  These discs may be used for recovering or demounting asphalt road surfaces, as well as for creating isolation joints in concrete surfaces of airports take-off runways.

ADTnS diamond discs for self-propelled floor saws are produced in the range of diameters from 300 to 1600 mm. Specially developed compositions for cutting segments provide the maximal results with minimal costs per work performance. Discs cores have additional (drive) holes to eliminate any possibility of sliding the cutting discs between flanges and to provide a stable running moment on spindle.

To avoid early core wear, during the procession of high-abrasive materials, two kinds of protection are used in the segment fixing place, - “extended tooth” or “the hammer”.



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