Diamond segmented drills or ring drills, for hole drilling in concrete, reinforced concrete, bricks and other construction materials are made with diameters from 16 mm to 600 mm. The drilling length of ring drills is 320 mm, and the drilling length of segmented drills is 450 mm. In the cases, when it is not enough for drilling depth, you may use special drill collars from 100 to 500 mm. Also, drills may differ in a fitting class. The fitting class 1 ¼ UNC is mostly used for segmented drills with diameter 32-600 mm. The shank R ½ “ is used on ring drill cores of diameter 16-35 mm. Diamond segments for drills differ in shapes and application (segment composition).

Depending on the diameter and the application of a drill, it is necessary to use the drilling equipment of the corresponding power and to provide sufficient water supply for the drill cooling and sludge removal from the drilling zone. In the case of competent operation, the drills show long lifetime and rather good efficiency; they also may be recovered in our service center.



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